contemporary-living-roomHave you heard about DISH TV's latest promotion: MyDish EPIX Gift? It features the great EPIX movie channel plus lots of great "freebies"  you can try on for size and see if you want to keep them. You get to view brand new channels, see epic movies and shows, and even enter a daily sweepstakes for your chance to win big!  If you considered changing to Dish  Network, now is a great time! MyDish Epix Gift is a new DISH promotions program which rewards customers with a number a perks and incentives for new and existing subscribers. Here are a few of the perks offered by MyDish Epix Gift:
Free Movie Channel Previews

One of the perks offered currently with the gift  program is access to lots of free previews of some of the best movie channels available. Here are a few you can expect to sample with the new promotion:

  • HGTV - Watch the most popular home and garden channel featuring the best tips, advice, and programming on architecture, remodeling, landscaping, and many more hot topics. 
  • SONY MOVIE CHANNEL - Watch some of your favorite movies through this preview of the SONY movie channel for a month. 
  • BET - Get access to the Black Entertainment Television network for the best cultural experience for Black Americans; includes comedy shows, family dramas, and more. Lots of music channel access also.
  • PALLADIA HD - Great HD channel featuring the best in music from current artists in concert, as well as access to music events all over the country in various genres; featuring artists such as Bruce Stringsteen, Beyonce, Rush, Pink, Paul McCartney, and more!
  • VERIALIVING - This channel has its eyes on health and wellness; featuring Yoga and meditation programming, as well as dietary shows dealing with nutritional concerns and more.
  • NHL CENTER ICE - For NHL fans, keep this channel on to keep up with your favorite hockey events and teams all year long. You get a free preview with your subscription to dish with MyDish Epix Gift. 
  • NHL NETWORK - The main channel for hockey fans, this channel has 24/7 hockey coverage year round and is the primary channel for avid hockey enthusiasts.

Blockbuster Studio Channel 102
Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, Dish Movie Mania is featured on Channel 102, featuring exclusive Blockbuster films all weekend long for your enjoyment. See the hits of today and yesterday all weekend long through this exclusive MyDish Epix Gift offer, just one of the perks offered with Dish Network.

On Demand Movies and Events
Watch the latest movies anytime you want to see them through the "On Demand" viewing options available as one of the many "gifts" on MyDish Epix Gift promotions. Watch whenever you want, on your own time with one of the many movie offerings or special event programs on TLC, AXS.TV, NICK, Jr., and many more! On Demand is a great way to watch what you want WHEN you want.

DISH Anywhere
Dish Anywhere is available only for current and new subscribers and features all of your favorite TV shows and movies anywhere. This includes all of the top networks like NBC, CBS, TBS, and Discovery channel. allows you to watch your favorite shows in a live stream without having to connect your receiver and gives mobility to your programming options.

Dish Sweepstakes
Current and new Dish subscribers can also enter the Veria Living Sweepstakes daily for a chance to win big prizes, like the health and fitness products valued at $1,000 or one of 20 Fitbit Flex activity and progress tracking devices. Get fit and watch Veria Living TV.

Brand New Channels
In addition to all of the perks such as free movie channel previews, blockbuster movies all weekend long, on demand programming,, and the Veria Living Sweepstakes, you can also get in on some of the best new channels available on Dish by subscribing now. Both current and new subscribers will have access to channels like these:

  • beIN Sport
  • Encore Classic
  • Encore Black
  • Esquire
  • FX
  • PAC-12
  • The Blaze
  • Universal Sports
  • Univision Deportes
  • MLB Network Strike Zone
  • UP
  • FOX Movie Channel
  • IFC
  • WE (HD)
  • Sundance TV
  • Fuse HD
  • AMC
  • The  Hub
  • Fox Business
  • Science HD
  • EPIX3

SUMMARY: MyDish Epix Gift
As you can see, the MyDish Epix Gift offers Epix movies, classics, all types of programming, mobility of when you want to watch via, and many different other perks to enjoy, such as free channel previews, new channels, and much more. Now is a great time to look into switching to DISH if you are not a current customer.

EPIX offers all of the great movie hits of today and yesterday all the time with multiple channel options to choose from. When you combine such a great movie lineup with all of the other Dish perks, you'll find it's a winning combination you just cannot get anywhere else.

DISH TV consistently offers month-long free previews of four to six channels every month. Other choices only provide three-day-long free previews. You can stay up-to-date with available freebies by checking out our perks and free-preview page at Here is a link:

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